About us

Accounter is developed and owned by Vimukti Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Vimukti is started in 2001 as a software product development company.
Rajesh Akkineni, CEO of Vimukti Technologies has led software development and maintenance team for more than 12 years and working on all standard business software technologies. During the past 12 years, they have served more than 10 clients, launched 2 enterprise commercial products, hired and worked with more than 200 developers. Rajesh is a developer, systems architect, project manager, product visionary, problem solver, and team leader.
Vimukti is a privatly funded profitable company with a reputation to be able to overcome complex challanges with the least possible cost.


User Reviews

"I have tried pretty much every accounting package for a Mac that is aimed at small businesses/self employed and this is by far the best and easiest to use!! It does everything i need it to do in a way that actually makes sense. " -- Andy, AJR Events