Bookkeeping Service from Accounter

We know how time consuming the process of Bookkeeping even with much easy software like Accounter.

As an added advantage for users of Accounter we want to offer bookkeeping service for our users. Don’t worry about uploading all your data, and maintaining. You just send your work to us. Our dedicated Bookkeeping team will upload the data to Accounter, and you just use the reports you need.

As an initial trial we are giving this for free to all our Accounter users upto 31st Dec 2011. So hurry up, signup and send your data to

Here is the information we need from you for this service.

  • Add user as Finance Admin in your company.
    Accounter->Settings->Users->Invite User
  • Send details of the work in mail to us along with all files that are needed.
    Excel Files, Customers List,  Scanned Copies of Bills, Invoices or any document that needs to be uploaded.
  • We need you to clarify any doubts our team may get regarding the data. Usually very small questions.

If the initial trial is success, we plan to offer this service for free to all users for one month after signup. And later it will be paid. But the cost of the service will be determined based on our initial trial. (It will be <6 USD per hour for sure).

User Reviews

"I have tried pretty much every accounting package for a Mac that is aimed at small businesses/self employed and this is by far the best and easiest to use!! It does everything i need it to do in a way that actually makes sense. " -- Andy, AJR Events