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Handle Bussiness

The theoretical ways of handling business are much different from the practical ways of handling it.Once you start up a business, you will very soon discover the differences of the real business world and the textbook way.The practical issues like invoices, sales, profits, payments, tax, suppliers, customers, checks may create some amount of problems.Invoices don't get paid by their due dates, ads don't consistently bring in customers, sales don't continually rise, and profits aren't always there.

Multi Language

Accounter supports more than 50 different languages. You can translate into your own language. more

Quick Setup

Using our setup wizard to setup your business in very simple steps.

Customize Invoice

Accounter now supports 10s of invoice printing

Customer Pre Payment

If your customer has paid you in advance and you dont have any way to keep track of how much paid and how much remaining then accounter will solve your problem.

VAT, Sales TAX

Statuary features of the software include VAT Computation and VAT Summary, Purchase Tax Reporting, Sales Tax Reporting , Tax Adjustments , Pay tax , File tax & Tax Refunds.

Tax Refund


Track Invoices Due

use accounter to track invoice you have given to your customers. this will let you know which invoice is paid and which is in due till date.

Warehouse Tracking

Track the details of warehouse and items stored in the ware houses, Check the items remaining, reorder point for the items, Transfer items from one warehouse to another.

Customer based expense tracking

The Expenses over on Customer Services . Billable lets you specify that an expense should automatically flow to a customer's next invoice.

Units, Measurements

Accounter provides you option to add your own units for measurement for the inventory items you are adding.

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a summary of the financial balances of a company. Assets, liabilities and ownership equity are listed as of a specific date, such as the end of its financial year. It is often described as a "snapshot of a company's financial condition" Of the four basic financial statements, the balance sheet is the only statement which applies to a single point in time of a business' calendar year

Issue Payments and Cheque Numbers

If you made payments in response to the bills through cheque using bank accounts can track the cheque numbers of payments. or If you receive payments in response to the invoice through mode of cheque can track the cheque numbers of payments.

Trial Balance Report

A Trail balance is the list of credit & Debit totals . It checks arithmetic accuracy of double entry system and it checks both aspects of transactions .A trail balance consists of all the elements of financial statements , assets, liabilities , equity , income & expenses.

Get Started quickly

If you have a small business, you already know that it is not very easy to hold all your numbers and figures together when it comes to taking care of accounting.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is considered as the oxygen of any business.So, it is very much necessary for any kind of business to analyze the financial status & the cash flows.Cash flows in an organization play an important role in its daily operations.So, Using a system like Accounter makes it very easy to manage these cash flows.Companies go out of business not because they do not have fantastic products or great staff but they run out of money.So, start using this wonderful software and feel the difference.

Multi Currency

Assign Currency to Customers, Vendors, Account and select exchange rate for all transactions.


We offer each user a Dashboard Report, which is a summation of your company's financial performance illustrated on a one-page report, depicted with easy to interpret graphs and charts.


create the quotes and send to your customer. In Accounter you can also create the quotes and save them.

File Tax

For all the user how are paying tax to their respective government Accounter will help you to manage all the tax paid and let you keep track of them.

Service Items/Product Items

If your company is both product based company and service provider then using Accounter will make you smile. As it will let you monitor both services you are providing and the products your company is producing.

Customer Refund

Use the Customer Refund to create refunds for customers.

Merge Accounts/Customers/Items

You can merge contacts / accounts as you want and its replace the exits one occurred with all transactions made previously .

Stock Adjustment

Accounter gives you adjust the stock value , makes your work easy to track & build the quantity you manufactured the Stock Items.

Location Tracking

Differentiate your transaction based on location. This will help you manage your company transactions easily.

Inventory Items

Manage your inventory items easily with Accounter. It will let you add the items, manage addition and removal of items from inventory.

Warehouse Transfer

help you to transfer inventory items from one ware house to another and maintain the items in each warehouse.

Void, Delete transactions

If you dont want any transaction to exists in your account, after its use is completed, then you can void the transaction. Voiding will remove the transaction and it is used when the transaction is used in more than one place. And if the transaction is not used any where you can delete the transaction.

Delayed Charges

Illustrate the charges / credits of Project or Service provided from vendor / to customer using delayed charges.

Simple & Easy to use

As we say, it is very simple and easy to use.No accounting knowledge is necessary to use Accounter.We'll help you get your company set up with easy & simple guidelines.Once you're set up, familiar on-screen forms like bank accounts, expences & invoices make it easy to start working immediately.

Financial Status

To know the financial status of the company, one has to go through the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet.Knowing your own financial position will help you to develop the right employee benefit package and correct pricing policy to keep you ahead of your competitors.It will also help you to work out the terms you can afford to offer your debtors and those you need from your creditors.The reports can be generated from the reports section.All the financial reports like Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Balance sheet etc can be generated directly from the application.

Login with Google, Yahoo, Facebook

No need to remember a new password again. Login with just one click using Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.

Create Invoices

Create any number of invoices you like to any number of customers you like.


Apply the credits towards a second payment of vendor / customer if you having unapplied credits or overpayment on previous job.

Pay Tax

Keep track of tax paid to your government

Vendor Prepayment

The payment of user make to the vendor before, for purchasing the items or the bill receive. In the transaction of Paybill there can user apply this prepayment to the bill when the user pay it.

Track Bills Due

Track all the unpaid Bills with the due days.

Class Tracking


Discount Tracking

Track the discounts you given to customers or you Obtained from vendors.

Opening Balances

You can enter all your existing customer/account balances before starting to use Accoutner.


for indian users accounter make payment of tax easier by providing option to use TDS. using this you can create 16A forms and maintain a record of tax paid to TIN.

Billable Charges

The Expenses over on Customer Services . Billable lets you specify that an expense should automatically flow to a customer's next invoice.

Profit & Loss Report

get the auto built reports on profit and loss happening in your company. This will show you the difference of income minus expense depending on location and class.


More Features


Make all your data safe and secure with your password and access them everywhere, any where you want.


More companies

You can add as many companies you want. And access all of them and keep track of all transaction easily.


Inviting users

This will enable to provide access of your company to the users you want.


Custom Templates

Create and add your own branding theme for the invoices or quotes you are printing.


User Activity

Lets you keep track of happening in your company from login to logout all information available up-to-date.


Transaction History

Keep a record of all transactions you are performing.


Billable expenses

Get the feature to add bills to your invoices for your customers


Credit and Charges

Let you add credit and charges to the invoice you are creating.


Transaction classification

Classify transactions happening in your company based on classes, location, departments,etc.


Import Bank Statements

Import your bank statements and save the data in our servers in encrypted format.



This will let you add attachments to your invoices and other transactions and to your mail also.



Merging will help you to combine your bank accounts or products and services or customers or vendors