Monthly Update: What we are doing in Accounter?

While some of you are enjoying the Holiday Season, here is what we are trying to do in Accounter.

  • Mobile Updates
    As you might know already that we have released mobile versions of our software in BlackBerry, Android, IPhone, and Windows Phone 7. These are full featured software comparable to Web version. Every thing you can do in Web/Mac Version you can do in mobile. Our mobile team is working on updates and bug fixes to these systems. Good news is, you don't have to do anything to get those updates. Every thing will be updated on the server automatically.
  • Dashboard Widgets/Charts
    You might have noticed in our recent update that you can re arrange the dashboard widgets using Drag & Drop. You can customize what you want to see from our collection of Widgets. We are working on adding another 5 different Widget/Charts to the collection.
  • Invoice, Quote and Customer Statement templates
    We are currently testing our new feature which will allow you to upload your own Invoice , Quote, Customer Statement templates using .docx or .odt format.
    Now make the invoice look like you want, no need to settle for what our default templates. This is currently under testing.
  • Recurring Transactions
    Want to make some of your transactions recurring? You want to schedule them or mark reminders? We know your needs, we are working on this feature for more than a month now, it will be ready for you by new year.
  • Customer, Vendor and Transaction Centers
    Want to see quick glance of the customers and their transactions in single window? Want to see all transaction based on type and navigate quickly? Our new Customer Center, Vendor Center and Transaction Center will allow you to see every thing in you need in quick way.
  • Fixed Asset Tracking
    Want to track all your fixed assets and do depreciation? You can do it after our next update release. We have been kept it under testing for more than a month now.
  • TDS Collection, Filing, Form 16A for Indian Customers
    We know how difficult and time consuming all the TDS process, we have been suffering from this problem ourself. No more. We are determined to make it the most easiest experience for you. With online verification from NSDL and E-TDS filing and verification, we are working on making it as simple as possible.


Other than these major changes, there will be 100s of improvements all over the software and thanks to lot of feedback and bug reports from our users, Accounter is becoming perfect day by day.

User Reviews

"I have tried pretty much every accounting package for a Mac that is aimed at small businesses/self employed and this is by far the best and easiest to use!! It does everything i need it to do in a way that actually makes sense. " -- Andy, AJR Events