Multi-currency, Inventory Tracking and many more

A major update of Accounter is released with lot of new features. Here are the list of some of the major features.

  • Multi-Currency Transactions
    Now you can do transactions in any currency and let you provide the conversion factor to convert the amount into base currency for your accounting.
  • Select primary currency of the company
    Usually this is done when the company is created. For existing users currency is selected automatically based on your country.
  • Currency Symbols
    Now you can see your currency symbol along with all amounts in the Accounter.
  • Inventory Items
    Along with Non-Inventory Products and Services that we are supporting till now, now you can add Inventory enabled product also. Using this you can keep track of how many products you have in hand.
  • Warehouse Tracking
    Now you can have multiple warehouses to keep your products into, and when doing transactions you can specify from/into which warehouse you need to make the change.
  • Stock Adjustment
    Adjust your stock in your warehouses for adding and removing items.
  • Stock Transfer
    Transfer items between warehouses.
  • Credits & Charges
    You can enable delayed charges and bill your customer for charges you have spent for their work. You can use Charges in your Invoices, instead of re-entry of all details again. You can also create Credits which can be offset when used in Invoice.
  • Billable Charges
    Categorize your bill amounts for customers to create charges automatically when you enter bills into your system.
  • TDS tracking for Indian users
    Now you can specify which vendors needs to be under TDS and specify the rate while entering bills or writing checks. You can also prepare TDS filing and payment.
  • Generic TAX System
    We understand the needs of different countries for different TAX systems. We made Accounter generic enough to support any kind of tax system we came to know.
  • Discounts on per transaction or per detail line
    Now you can specify the discounts either on per transaction basis or per detail line.
  • Login with Facebook, Google, Yahoo
    Now you do not need to remember Accounter password. Just click login with Google, Facebook, Yahoo and AOL buttons on the login page to enabled those sites authenticate your for us. If you make it to remember, all it takes is one click to login now.

Other than these there are more than 200+ of bug fixes and small improvements.

User Reviews

"I have tried pretty much every accounting package for a Mac that is aimed at small businesses/self employed and this is by far the best and easiest to use!! It does everything i need it to do in a way that actually makes sense. " -- Andy, AJR Events